Data Management

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Modern Digital Creative Agency.

Data entry for insurance claims

We offer high quality services for insurance companies. Our experts are aware of the fact that these kinds of services are highly data oriented. We also deal in medical claims data entry process.

Data Capturing Services

In this service we include conversion from a piece of paper to a digital image in various file formats. We also offer data capturing service from soft or hard copy receipts, coupons vouchers.

Data Extraction Services

We also offer service of extracting details from various business cards and adding them into an excel sheet. At times, internet research, e-mail mining and customized list making is added into data mining.

Data entry solution for invoice forms

Megrisoft is a brand that is reputed globally known for its work with over 10 years of experience in invoice form data entry different tasks pertaining to as Credit and debit memos, Sales and purchase invoices.

Data Entry for Government Agencies

We have previous helped many Government organizations in keeping hospital records such as patients records and accident reports separately. We have also done data entry for birth and death records.

Accounts Payable Services

Includes data capture from sorting to auditing; data processing including shortened month-end closing process, suspect duplicate analysis comprise of three-way database matching.

Data Management

As we all are aware of the fact that India is the favourite destination for outsourcing you data entry services.Due to very low cost resources and very efficient work provided by Indians, India has become the hub for outsourcing your data entry services.

Megrisoft is a leading IT service provider from past 24 years. We are leaders in digital technology. We provide data entry service to various service providers worldwide. Outsource your important documents in our secure hands where our company experts will deliver you the work within deadlines. Get your documents entered, filed, scanned, indexed, processed and ready to serve wherever and whenever required by you.

Why Choose Us?

There are various data entry services which we offer such as online/offline data entry or offshore data entry services, here is the list of data entry services offered by Megrisoft:

Our services are – fast, economical and reliable.We provide high degree of accuracy for an unbeatable price. We deliver work before deadline and personalized solutions for every client. We save a lot of time, this can be implemented to enhance core business.By joining hands with us you will save almost 60% on your operational cost.We are a perfect blend of highly-skilled people with advanced technology.

Fast turnaround

Our highly skilled professionals are expert in complete work quickly as and when required

Privacy guaranteed

When you join hands with Megrisoft, your data is in safe hands as privacy is guaranteed from day one till the completion of job

Time is priority

At Megrisoft time-frame is always on priority, our dedicated experts provide error free work that too on time.

Flexible pricing is available

We know every client is different; therefore we have flexible payment option depending on every client.

Some Other Features

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